Welcome to the brand new Trouble on the Tank level walkthrough for Lego Indiana Jones 3: The Final Adventures

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Note: This is fan-ideas


Cutscene: Indy, Henry, and Sallah are at the canyon looking down watching the enemy soldiers pass by on jeeps, trucks, and an armytank, they see Brody with the map, right before they are about to do anything, Kazim and his henchman start gunfire below, Kazim unfortunately gets killed, and as Henry gets trapped with Brody, Indiana Jones and Sallah will have to face against an armytank

  • Start off at the mountain side, break crates and pickup gun inside, target the gun at the target to open the horse cage, jump onto horse and run down the hill, and make your horse jump over a gate that normal characters cannot reach
  • the army tank will come in and will by displayed as a 3 heart boss, it will shoot you, try avoiding the gunshots as well as possible, a new feature is firing guns and whiping while on vehicles and animals, so there is a platform with boulders on it on the side of the canyon, there is a whipswitch below, make the tank follow you and use Indy's whip to pull the switch and drop boulders onto the tank, repeat this technique

  • After taking it's hearts down, it's large cannon is displayed on the top screen, many army and assualt jeeps come in, they will follow you and shoot at you, lead them into the way of the tank's cannon, once you've done this, the cannon will get stuck inside the jeep,
  • Now there are 4 small guns displayed on the screen, what you have to do is whiptarget a small rock(while still riding your horse), and place the rock in the tank's gun, do this with it's other three guns, once one gun has been completed there is a check mark on the topscreen, if you don't do this fast enough it will shoot out the rocks, and you will have to repeat this over again
  • Now the Canyon is trying to get away from you, make your horse jump up the ledge of the canyon, and then make your character jump off the ledge and onto the tank, soldiers will come out from the tank, and other soldiers will jump out of surrounding trucks onto the tank, take them down, and the tank will shoot the jeep off it's cannon, along with the rocks out of it's guns, Vogel is now a boss, use advanced combat to slam his head against the tank treads, his health will lower and he will jump onto a surrounding truck, take down the soldiers coming out from the tank and then jump into the tank cockpit and shoot at the truck with Vogel on it, the truck will explode and he will jump back, repeat this technique a few more times

Cutscene: As Indiana Jones is Fighting vogel ontop of the tank, Sallah on horseback rescues Henry Jones and Brody, but can't manage to rescue Indy, what's worse is the fact the Tank is going to fall off the cliff, Indy punches Vogel into the tank, and as the Tank is falling, Indy tries escaping, but then it appears that the tank falls off the canyon and explodes. Sallah, Henry, and Brody start crying while looking down, but as they are looking down, Indy suddenly climbs up and stands next to them, Brody is wiping his tears looks over at Indy and cries on his shoulder, suddenly he gets stiff and he realizes Indy is alive, same with Sallah and Henry, they all give him a big hug.

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