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Note: This is not an actual level of a game, it is fan-ideas


Cutscene: Indiana Jones and his father have retrieved the diary from Elsa in Berlin, they now are at an enemy airport blending in, but Vogel and his spies are in hot pursuit

  • Start off in the airport, go through both rooms and fight off the enemy spies, in the first airport room, get a key to activate the next door, take down the spies to make the staircase unfold, go up the stairs to reach outside
  • Jump into red cargo jeep and drive over the vehicle pad to open a crate, in the crate is a box, take the box over to the green pad one out of two, then use Indy's whip to open part of the zepelin to make a box come up, take the box to the other green pad, now use the pieces to build the staircase going into the zepelin, go up the stairs and into the zepelin

Cutscene: Indiana Jones and Henry Jones Sr. have boarded a zepelin, as they are looking through the diary they notice Vogel looking through the diferent passangers, Indy gets up and follows a zepelin worker into the bathroom, Vogel sees the scared Dr. Henry Jones sr. looking at the newspaper, Vogel lowers the newspaper and sees Henry Jones, then vogel falls down because he got hit by a wrench inside the hands of Indy(who is in disguise as a zepelin worker)

  • You are in the dining room of the zepelin, there Vogel is shooting you with a pistol, he has three hearts, once you get near him he will walk away, in order to defeat him, grab a bottle and throw it at his head, he will get dizzy, pick him up by the head and slam him out of the window, then zepelin workers come through a door, defeat all of them and then Vogel will come through the door. Do the exact same thing twice again.

Cutscene: Vogel is thrown out the window and the zepelin takes off, Indiana sticks his head out the window and mocks him by waving goodbye.

Indiana and Henry start eating and notice the shadows of their cups move around, they look out the window and see them heading back to Germany, they look down and see a biplane beneath the zepelin. They look back over and some german pilots charging through the door holding guns.

  • Take down the zepelin workers and pilots, and a key will fall down, pick it up and open the door, go through it and enter the next room which is

the docking bay, several pilots will attack you, destroy them all, there are some hidden crates in diferent places, after finding them put them on the green pads and use the pieces inside of them to build the missing parts onto the biplane, after that a last pilot will come in, he has a machine gun, no attacks will hurt him, so whip him up and destroy him and grab his wrench. Fix up the broken biplane and then jump into the plane to end the level.

Cutscene: Indy gets inside the biplane cockpit. Henry Jones falls on his face, gets up and gets in the biplane and then gets out and brings back the umbrella and suitcase he forgot about.

More IdeasEdit

Mini-Kit locationsEdit

  1. 1 is located outside the window while fighting Vogel, Indy must whip on a whip point outside the window, then climb up to get the Mini-Kit
  2. 2 is located on the platform Vogel is standing on.
  3. 3 is located in the air while flying near boarding ramp.
  4. 4 is located in pile of medal suitcases in airport.
  5. 5 is located in suitcase compartment.
  6. 6 is located behind desk in airport.
  7. 7 is located in bathroom on zeppellin.
  8. 8 is earned for destroying all windows on zeppilen.
  9. 9 is earned for defeating 10 zeppilen passengers.
  10. 10 is on a high platform in boarding area.

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