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Note: This is not a level for an actual game, it is just fan ideas

Gameplay Edit

Cutscene: There is a Groundhog hole, it comes out of the hole, a cute groundhog slowly gets out of the hole, looks at the camera with sparkly eyes and then all of a sudden a hot rod goes at rapid speed right over it while elvis music tune is playing in the background, th ehot rod drives over the country side and onto the road while laughing, as they go onto the road, a convoy nearly hits them, but the hot rod drives off the road and into a ditch and then jumped right over the convoy and gets infront of it on the road, the hotrod backs up , then it starts making turns around each of the convoys and right next to the staff car with a russian driving next to Dovchenko, they start cheering and laughing and start zooming up and back offering to race, Dovchenko shakes his head as the driver smiles, the teenagers in the hotrod continue laughing, then Dovchenko grabs his pistol and shoots at the hot rod's wheel, then as the Staff Car gets ahead, the Hotrod starts flipping on the road and then up a convoy and flipped in the air over the convoys and then all the way to the groundhog hill, then as the camera turns to the russians, the russian cars and trucks make a turn at the road, and park outside the hangar, guards come and stop next to the Dovchenko's staff car, they wave, and Dovchenko leans down as his russian guards shoot down the guards with machine guns, after the guards are killed, Dovchenko picks up a shiny quarter on the ground, Then the russians open up the back of the car, and pull mac out, then it shows the shadow of the russians pull Indy out and throw his hat on the ground, you see the backside of Indy(showing his grey hair), reach for his hat, and the shadow puts it on, then Indy turns his head and looks at the russians, there are several russians with guns at hand, Indy looks over at Mac who is raising his arms, Indy smacks at his arm, Mac lowers them, then Irina Spalko steps out of her vehicle, Irina pulls out a picture of the box, points to the box and then at Hangar 51.

  • Start off outside of the Hangar, There is two targets High up above the Hangar door, Use Mac to Shoot the targets, After it is shot a Cabinet opens wich the target was on inside is a Cog, Use Indy to pull the cog out, and Put it on the green pad hanged on the hangar door, Do the same for the other side, After this is completed the master switch container on the wall of the hangar will open, use Indy's whip on the pull switch inside the container, and the hangar door will slowly open, enter inside.

Cutscene: As the door opens and the group enters inside, the janitor who is sweeping looks over and sees russians with guns and he runs away scared and runs into the restroom, then he runs out because it was the girl's bathroom and he runs into the boy's bathroom, Indy and Mac looks around with the russians, but then all of a sudden Spalko's sword is magnetized across the room

  • Now you are inside the hangar in the hall way of boxes, go to the end of a box wall in the hall, on the right box wall there is a push wagon that has a Emptied Green pad on it, there is a box pick-up with ladder pieces in it on the left box wall, first you have to build wooden pieces into a box stair, jump onto the box and onto another then two more, on that is the box pick-up, take the box to the wagon green pad, and after placing it build a ladder, climb up the ladder onto a box and jump from one box stair to another, reach up to the push box, push the box to the end of the push track on the box wall and the grenades inside the box will spill and they will fly, jump off the box wall and start following the metal parts to the end of the hall, follow them and one grenade hits the box block and the box block explodes, enter next area

  • You are now in second hall of the hangar, jump onto box stairs and push another pushbox off the box wall, go on the right side and rebuild the pushbox pices into a ladder, now climb up the ladder and on the top of the other box wall, now build the third pushbox with metal in it, push it off and the pieces will fly in the air and they will once again explode the next box block, enter next area

  • Now you are in the main room with the coffin box, find box and place against green pad, jump onto it and jump from box stairs to the left, push the box of metal off the box wall and the metal will attract to the box in the way of the box with the coffin, now you are able to jump down and pull the box out of the way

Cutscene: The Russians pull the coffin box out and Spalko grabs her sword off of the box, they open the box up and inside is the coffin, Irina opens the coffin and gazes apon the interdimensional being, a bunch of metal attracts to the alien, as the russians are gazing apon the alien with guns at hand, One of the guns suddenly gets pulled by Indy's whip and then Indy grabs the gun and points it at Spalko, the russians lower there guns and then Mac points his pistol at Indy's face and the russians raise there guns, then Spalko throws Mac a bag of money, then as Mac laughs Indy punches Mac's face and then shoots a russian's foot and runs away, Spalko yells for Jones and the russians chase after him, he runs and then he bumps into the janitor who is running from a diferent direction, they get up and see the russians run after them, Indy looks up and sees the Janitor climb up the boxes and falls down, Indy grabs the Janitor and throws him up and then Indy climbs up and sees the truck carrying the coffin zoom by, he looks down and sees more cars follow but then spalko ducks as a car starts floating at a rapid speed over to the truck being pulled by magnetism.

  • Use Indy's whip to swing at the lamp post and jump onto the truck below, or just jump down your self like Janitor will have to do, beet up the russians inside the convoy, and then beet up the driver and then drive the convoy, chase after Irina's vehicle, ram her and make it slow down and then jump onto it and beet up the russians, ride the car and Irina will jump out, ram your truck right against the box block, it will explode(it contains the ark), now you enter next hall, a convoy, mac's jeep and another truck will chase after you, simply just crash right into all of them, after crashing into convoy, you can jump on it's wreakage and target at a lamp, climb up your whip and onto the wooden planks that reach one wall to another, you may also jump onto a chain for Janitor to get up, jump from plank to plank, then reach the end of the planks and jump onto the chain, swing from the chain to the other chain and then onto a truck, beet up the russians and then dovchenko will come out, he has 10 lives, beat him up by crashing his head against boxes, and then hitting him, after that two hearts will go down, he will grab the chain and us eit as a weapon, he will chain slash you , get next to him and he will run away through a door, enter through the door and jump onto the glass manhole with both characters, the weight of dovchenko and bothe players will break the manhole, then you will land inside the command base onto a platform above the jetsled, slam Dovchenko against the platform chain to lower one heart, he will then jump onto chain, now you must jump on other platform chain and swing your chain and swing next to dovchenko's chain, hit him(wich being on something like a rope or ladder and fighting will be a new feature) and he will fall down into the command base and will fall through the window onto the computer, the jetsled will turn on, he will jump over to the jetsled and jump onto it, follow him and jump on it, he will try chaining you up, if he dose, jump your way to freedom, use new advanced combat to slam his head against the jetsled to lower his life,

Cutscene: The Russians run in with Mac while Dovchenko is Fighting Indy and Janitor, there is 10 seconds on the clock, after the time beeps, the Jetsled turns on and fire burns the Russians as Mac ducks, The Jetsled starts speeding off on the track and then outside, the pressure keeps the three men back and the sled shoots through the tunnel, down the track in the outside night and then hits the stop, Indy and Janitor gets off the sled pleasently while the dizzy Dovchenko passes out and faints onto the jetsled, as the groundhogs watch Indy and Janitor run away

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