In Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, your characters will need protection for them to survive. Indiana Jones's favorite weapons would have to be his fists, but sometimes, it's better to use long range weapons, such as the pistol, or rifle. You can use the envirornment as your weapon, as well. You will be able to pick up chairs and bottles, and smash them or throw them. The choice is yours.


A list of known weapons useable:

-Machine Gun
-Submarine Cannon
-Heat-Seeking Rocket (LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues)
-Plane Turret

Non-Gun WeaponsEdit

A list of known weapons useable:

-Crusader Sword
-Spear (Can be black or white)


A list of known weapons usable:



A list of known weapons useable:

-Whip-Indiana Jones
- Shovel-Satipo
- Spear-Hovitos Tribesman
-Fists-Indiana Jones, Marion, Short-Round, Etc.
-Grail Knight sword
- Han Solo blaster
-Water cannon-???

Character Creator WeaponsEdit

- Pistol

- Rifle

- Machine Gun

- Bazooka

- Book

- Mug

- Chair

- Grenade

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