Yelena Kontarez

She is the main antagonist in "The Ancient Gems of Pisa." She is a a strong willed Russian woman who is both a former KGB agent and is the Ex-Girlfriend of Indiana Jones. her apperance is similar to elsa, but her hair is red and she waers blue instead of green. She is killed accidently by Indy when he tries to save her from the gem monster and has a Purple wig.

In the GameEdit

You can find her character Token can be found in the Mail Room.In the Mail Room is the Parcels that you buy to unlock Eztras and On the Right there is a Purple Parcel you Smas It and Yelena`s token will be Purschuble for 50, 000.There are two Characters of Yelena in the Game.The Yelena with Red Hair and Green eyes is Yelena Kontrarez and the one with the Purple wig and Red Cardigan is Yelena (Robes).Her weapon is Inflatable Gum.

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