Playable Characters Indiana Jones, Yelena Konteraz, Nora Nails
Character Tokens

Indiana Jones (Pisa), Nora Nails

Bosses Nora Nails

Get Indy to enter the Giant tree and go up the brown wood stairs until you get to the top where you have to jump Clouds.Use Nora`s Infatible gum to jump on the Clouds.Then you will be in a Alley which then you will meet up with Dr.Kilo and Katie Anna.Nora will then reveal her Evil Face.

Boss Fight (Nora Nails)Edit

You will see Nora has Ten Lives. (Life 1) Go and Whip the Brick which will then attach to a Peace of Stick.You Need then to send it to Nora`s Head. (Life 2,3,4,5) Change to Yelena who can do Magic and Use Windgardan Leviosa on the Civil Men that attack you and they will fly back.(Life 6 Just Punch her when she jumps down). (Life 7,8,9) Now Nora has turned into a Minifigure with a Dragon Head, Tail and fIre in Mouth.Send buckets of Water to put out her flames.(Life 10) Just Punch and Se explodes but then faints.You then are in a Car that has just Set off.

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